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No Strings attached game presented by FireBall Studios

No Strings Attached

Lead Programmer

Imagine sitting down for a puppet show, but they all start brutally fighting and pulling each other apart. Strings and limbs will go flying everywhere, may the last strings standing be declared the master of puppets!

Desperado Joe Title Thumbnail

Desperado Joe


Clear your city of mercs leaving a trail of destruction in your wake in this homage to classic early 2000s flash games!

Running From Your Responsibilities game thumbnail, person sitting on bench in dark

Running From Your Responsibilities


The consequences of never growing up and facing life. Running from your problems has it's consequences. Step into the shoes of Carlyle and take that large journey in one small game.

My Older Projects

My works I made for highschool or side projects.

CAS Calculator Programming

A sandbox experiment made on and for the a CAS calculator in between my classes.

Git Repository

Loc Bot - My discord bot

Originally developed for to have better voice commands for friends, and now lives on as hobby project.

Git Repository

Networking Prototypes

I've worked on a few network games before, both inside of Unity with Mirror and with C# using .Net sockets.

Some examples

Platformer Game

A project in Year 8 to for an aspiring career showcase. Made in GameMaker Studio 2.

Play here

Viking Game

A project in Year 8 to demonstrate knowledge about Vikings. Made in GameMaker Studio 2.

Play here

This Website 

I'm always experimenting with new things. Creating all kinds of stuff, learning along the way.

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